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Environmental, Social, and Governance

With a responsible use of our resources, we aim to create a sustainable environment, to support corporate social responsibility, and to govern through ethical practices.


As a global company, it is our goal is to provide efforts to help the world’s sustainability in order to improve the biodiversity of our planet.

Climate impact
Carbon footprints
Waste management
Pollution reduction
Resource depletion

Social Responsibility

We are committed to being socially responsible in the communities which we work, live, and do business.

Social justice
Community partnering
Purpose-driven causes
Addressing community issues
Strengthening local relationships


We are committed to using the highest ethical practices in every business dealing. We are a purpose-driven company dedicated to being a fair and preferred workplace on a global scale.

Ethical practice
Board and leadership diversity
Compensation policies
Adhere to global business practices
Stakeholder engagement
Data policy management

A Message on Our Commitment
to Improving Sustainability

“Infoblox is committed to improving the environmental health and workplace quality for our employees around the world, while making environmentally sustainable decisions as we consider our global building footprint, construction projects, vendor engagement, and overall facilities management. This is fundamental to achieving our ambition to becoming a best-in-class environmental partner in the solution toward a sustainable and lower-carbon society”

Michael Pamintuan
Director of Facilities Management

See Us In Action


Earth Day 2021

To kick off one of our newest ERGs, NeXtGen is making a $1,700 dollar donation to One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every single Bloxer in recognition of Earth Day. That’s 1,700 trees that will be planted in the Amazon rainforest to combat deforestation and other adverse effects.

Bee Hives at Infoblox HQ

As of April 14th, we initiated part of our sustainability goals with housing four hives located on the roof of our parking garage. Our employees, partners and business associates are welcome to observe the hive peacefully at any time. Honeybees are docile insects and not the aggressive, stinging type.

Donating for Brighter Futures

In an effort to help bring technology to underserved communities, we are donating over 100 of our computers to local communities of our India offices. By doing this, we aim to bring endless hours of education to schools, encourage innovation through technology to youth and help reduce the amount of e-waste in the world.

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