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Making the World
a Kinder Place

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)

As the recognized leader in DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (collectively known as DDI) services, our company is at the forefront in providing foundational networking and security services. Through our commitment to ESG, Infoblox is making a difference on issues that matter to our employees, customers, and stakeholders. As we grow our cloud-first business, we will reduce our carbon footprint and continue our efforts to strengthen the fabric of society through corporate social responsibility. Kindness is an ideal that guides us and allows us to achieve our ESG plan. We can become a trusted partner with society by being a kind company. That is what we mean when we say Infoblox KIND.
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We are committed to making a positive impact on society and promoting the welfare of humankind. We achieve this by prioritizing three key areas: KIND Communities, KIND People and KIND Environment. Through our focus on these aspects, we address important issues that contribute to the well-being of society and create a better world for all.

Kind Communities:

At Infoblox, we prioritize building kind communities by partnering with nonprofits and supporting causes that strengthen our global community. We focus on areas like STEM education, literacy programs, healthy living, veterans, and improving technology accessibility for under-resourced communities.

Through our collaboration with employees and charitable partners, we aim to make a positive impact on the world. 65% of our donations are directed towards diverse causes and organizations. We invest in initiatives that serve underrepresented communities and create opportunities for diverse populations in the technology industry.

Kind People:

We are committed to helping our employees become Kind People through our matching donations program, volunteerism, and nonprofit board support. We offer a 100% match, up to $500 per year, for employee donations made to non-profit organizations of their choice through our charitable giving platform. Moreover, for every hour employees donate to non-profits of their choice, we donate $25. We aim to support causes and programs that are important to our employees and encourage their active participation through volunteerism.

Kind Environment:

Our commitment to serving our global community includes creating a Kind Environment by leveraging our business’s operation and respecting the planet and the environments we work. Creating a sustainable future for our company means:

  • Assessing energy-efficient options, including working with local energy providers- Incentivizing our employees use energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Working with third-party partners to be more responsible in our air travel
  • Operating 25 corporate office buildings that are LEAD certified
  • Incorporating a materiality assessment and targeting high impact issues that most contribute to scope three emissions
  • Publishing a ESG report by 2024

Our Focus Areas


Our Environmental guiding principles outline our commitment to being a creative and positive contributor in the enhancement and protection of our global environment through:



Our corporate social responsibility strategy is to create a positive culture for our employees, to support charitable giving, and to reflect DEI as a business imperative through:



Our ESG governance policies support our commitment to ethical business practices, transparency, and fairness in our dealings through:


See Us In Action


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Commitment to Achieve Environmental Goals

Infoblox is dedicated to implementing strategies that reduce our environmental impact. We aim to enhance sustainability by modifying our business practices, thereby contributing to a lower carbon footprint over time.

Data SourcetCO2e%
Air Business3,79347.4%
Air Freight1071.3%
Electricity (Grid)3,52144%
Road Business2433%
Road Freight19.70.25%
Road Water0.3480.004%
Scope 165.51%
Scope 22,96737%
Scope 34,74759%
Scope Other2203%

Our GHG inventory was conducted in accordance with the GHG Protocol. Measurement was completed using external software to collect, calculate and report on consumption and emissions data across relevant business sites. As part of the footprint calculation, the software applied relevant emissions factors from international standards including the GHG Protocol, Defra, US EPA, and IEA.

ESG Policy Statement

At Infoblox, our ESG Policy Statement underscores our unwavering commitment to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) as crucial business considerations. We are dedicated to conducting our operations with a keen awareness of diversity, sustainability, ethical conduct, and community engagement. Our KIND philosophy and leadership roles reflect our commitment to charitable giving, volunteering, and an ethos of kindness. We are focused on reducing our carbon footprint, supporting charitable causes, fostering diversity and inclusion, and upholding ethical governance practices. As a proud signatory of the Vista Climate Pledge, we are actively working to align our operations with sustainable business practices. Our goal includes publishing a comprehensive ESG report by 2024.

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