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InfobloxKIND’s Jackson University Water Crisis Donation Event

Tues, Sept. 27, 2022 | Jackson State University

As a result of the severe water crisis caused by recent storms and subsequent flooding, we recently held a donation drive event to assist the residents of Jackson, Mississippi (the capital of the state; population 195,000). In consequence, thousands of people have been left without access to safe drinking water, cooking water, bathing water, sanitation water, and other necessities.

Through our InbloxKIND initiative, the DEI team and the Black Employee Resource Group have come together to donate 1,600 cases of water (40,000 bottles) to students at Jackson State University. Federal and state government, and other corporate responses, have focused mainly on the broader Jackson and surrounding communities. However, many JSU students are away from home, do not have cars, and have limited options to get clean drinking water. The InfobloxKIND water donation took place on Tuesday, September 27, on the JSU campus. Each dorm, the band department and the athletic department received 200 cases of water, and additional water has been given out at the campus hub for off-campus students, faculty, and staff of the institution.

Over the course of the event, Bloxers have shown incredible support, making much needed contributions towards the severe water crisis in Jackson by donating food, medical supplies, shelter, etc. Contributions to this fund have helped Jackson deal with its water problems.

Our ESG and ERG, InfobloxKIND and Black Employee Resource Group, played an instrumental role in promoting awareness and raising funds. You can find more information about our DEI efforts here.

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