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Infoblox’s FaithBlox ERG Making Strides in Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

In September 2023, Infoblox’s ERG, FaithBlox, demonstrated the power of unity and dedication by participating in the GCC challenge for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Their collective effort led to an awe-inspiring result: 1,568 miles were ridden, and $35,121 was raised in support of pediatric cancer research and services. This placed FaithBlox as the #13 fundraiser nationally and #4 in its category, showcasing the group’s significant impact.

Collective Impact
The success of FaithBlox in raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer highlights the power of collective efforts. It reiterates the importance of coming together to support communities in need and the potential to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by pediatric cancer.

Moving forward, FaithBlox’s proactive support signifies the strength of unity and compassion. The significant milestone attained in September not only inspires but also sets the foundation for future efforts aimed at enhancing the world for all.

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