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As part of our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we have launched a forward-thinking initiative aimed at attracting, nurturing, and recruiting a diverse pool of talent to Infoblox. The Infoblox Diverse Student Certification Program (IDSCP) is a distinct program tailored to improve minority representation in technology within colleges and universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs).

Through the IDSCP, participants gain access to an extensive DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IP address management) and DNS Security training program, which equips them with the necessary skills to embark on successful careers in cybersecurity. This comprehensive program combines Infoblox’s renowned training expertise through the Infoblox Academy, industry certification, and personalized professional mentoring. By intertwining these pillars of support, we prepare students to excel in the cybersecurity industry.

Program Goal

To prepare underrepresented minority collegiate level students with foundational skills to embark on careers in IT networking and to promote Infoblox’s commitment to DEI

IDSCP Pilot at the
University of La Verne

Infoblox held a pilot program with the University of La Verne, Los Angeles, CA, that allows college juniors and seniors with majors in engineering or computer science to take the course. The program is unique in the cybersecurity space, taught by an Infoblox instructor, and at no cost to the student participants. Students who complete the course may take an exit exam to earn certification from the industry-recognized leader, Infoblox, and leverage the certification in their post-education career search.

We also partnered with TELACU, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization established in 1968, and a pioneering institution committed to service, empowerment, advancement, and the creation of self-sufficiency. Alongside the University of La Verne and TELACU, we hope to build and test the end-to-end integration of Infoblox learning into the La Verne curriculum and increase diverse talent among network professionals.

IDSCP Pilot at Wayne County Community College and Fisk University

The pilot has also included students from Wayne County Community College (Detroit, MI) and Fisk University (Nashville, TN). In total 67 students participated in a combined four sessions. In 2023, the program will be expanded to include Prairie View University (Prairie View, TX) and Texas A&M University (San Antonio, TX). As the program progresses, we will provide more details.

IDSCP Pilot Results

45 students participated

Students are Seniors/Junior studying Engineering and Computer Science

Each student received a commemorative certificate of completion

33% students certified for DDIP, 51% students certified for CDCA, and 27% earned both

Message From Infoblox Education


Today, there are well over 500,000 open positions in networking and cybersecurity in the United States alone, including hundreds of unfilled positions at Infoblox. Developing and recruiting diverse talent to fill these roles is critical to the success of the technology sector—and for building teams that reflect the diversity of our world today.

Making proper training available to suitable candidates at the right time is the biggest challenge to harnessing this incredible opportunity. Unfortunately, the training and certifications necessary to be competitive in the job market are usually only available, at a high cost, borne by the individual student or their employer.

The Infoblox Diverse Student Certification Program (IDSCP) seeks to address this inequality by providing industry-standard networking and cybersecurity training and certifications, free of charge to college students.

Through the IDSC program, Infoblox partners with colleges to integrate the training into their existing engineering and computer science curriculums. Participating students graduate with a unique advantage in the job market. In addition to their everyday university course learning, they can jump-start their career with hands-on Infoblox product skills.

The entire Infoblox education team is proud to be a founding partner of the IDSC program. The results of the University of La Verne pilot were beyond expectations. A large majority of the participants achieved their certifications, and some went on to land internships at Infoblox. Most rewarding was seeing the students learn, grow, and create an incredible career advantage for themselves.

We are looking forward to working with the Infoblox Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team and our partner schools to unlock diverse student potential across the country and build technology teams that reflect the diversity of today’s world.

Sandy Johnson
Senior Manager, Training & Curriculum Management

Student Testimonials

University of La Verne

Natalie Reyes

Senior at the University of La Verne

Computer Science / Engineering & Information Science Concentrations

Chavon Jackson

Senior at the University of La Verne

Computer Science / Software Concentration

More Student Testimonial

Student interviews conducted by Infoblox at University of LaVerne

Fisk University student Dee Gwin shares student advice

Madison Jones, a student at Fisk University, shares her IDSCP learnings

Nonprofit Partner Testimonial

Dr. David Lizarraga

President & CEO of TELACU Education Foundation

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