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ERGs at Infoblox

Collaboration For All Generations

NeXtGen represents the importance of bridging the gap between generations in order to create a harmonious working environment. We give a voice to those that are newly introduced to their career paths and help develop them to be strong future leaders.

Growth is Our Mission

We help create a platform for young professional Bloxers to be heard inside and outside the company. With the hope to ally with other ERGs to support cross-generation social causes and lead the future of the workplace.

Our Focus Areas


To help connect our younger employees with their surrounding communities, we partner with organizations that give back and work towards change.


We provide a safe space for our employees to collaborate with others to learn different perspectives and create positive influences through their everyday work.


We facilitate career-building initiatives to help develop our young employee’s business skills and give experience training to utilize even outside the workplace.

Fostering Cultural Inclusion
Fostering Cultural Inclusion

As a global company, we want to ensure our employees feel connected and have a voice to speak on important issues. Each of our ERGs provide career-enriching opportunities while collaborating with one another to help achieve goals and create culture.

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