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Black History Month finds its roots in the visionary efforts of Carter G. Woodson, an esteemed African American historian who sought to emphasize the narratives and impact of Black individuals on American society. In 1926, Woodson initiated the observance, intending to bring attention to the often overlooked stories and struggles of African Americans. This celebration was initially known as “Negro History Week” and later expanded to encompass the entire month of February.

The annual recognition has gained widespread acknowledgment, with every U.S. president since its inception officially designating February as Black History Month. Each year, a specific theme is endorsed to delve deeper into various facets of African American influence and history. In 2024, the theme “African Americans and the Arts” stands as a tribute to the profound influence of African Americans in visual and performing arts, literature, fashion, folklore, language, film, music, architecture, culinary arts, and other forms of cultural expression.

Looking Ahead:

Black History Month in 2024

This year’s celebrations are being enthusiastically organized by the Black Employee Resource Group (BERG) with a series of events designed to honor Black culture and showcase African American contributions to the arts. Through exhibitions, performances, and educational activities, this initiative intends to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the pivotal role African Americans have played in shaping and enriching the cultural landscape.

Embracing Technology: 

Enriching Your
Black History
Month Experience

As an integral part of our ongoing commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity, we encourage everyone to access and engage with platforms like Copilot AI to further enrich their Black History Month experience. Copilot’s “ask me anything” feature can provide invaluable insights into the diverse history and culture of African Americans, offering an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding and appreciation.

Thank You for Joining in the Celebration

We extend our gratitude to all individuals who participate in celebrating Black History Month and recognizing the immeasurable impact of African Americans. Together, let us continue to create an environment of inclusion and belonging, where the stories and contributions of all communities are acknowledged and celebrated.

As we commemorate Black History Month, it is crucial to honor and amplify the multifaceted legacies of African Americans, acknowledging their enduring influence across the cultural, social, and historical tapestry of the United States.

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